Label Logic

Do you need more than Digital Strategy?

Label Logic supplements your team to build and execute effective strategies for the NEW music business. We get results.




“Jay and Jeff are like your marketing and sales team at a major record company, without the complications of a major record company. The Label Logic team is creative, knowledgable, quick to react and highly efficient. I had the pleasure of working with Label Logic who I consulted with for ideas and input across all areas of the project. Their execution and follow up was conducted with a level of professionalism that only comes from many years of experience and taking pride in their work. The best.” 


“Jeff and Jay were incredible to work with. Not only did they have thoughtful creative input on designing the rollout plan, they wrangled assets and ideas… lined up plans, and consistently moved the ball down the field to execution on everything. They kept the entire rollout/timeline well organized and communicated details effectively to the entire team so we were all on the same page. We even received a nice followup report that included stats/metrics and a recap on everything that had been done. Highly recommend these two to consult on any release.” 


"Jeff and Jay are the most passionate and committed A&R guys I have ever met in my 50+ years in the business. I have worked with them over the course of 5 CD's and they are always intelligent, informed and innovative as well as being awesome human beings."


"Doc McGhee, speaking with a folksy charm, calls Gilbert and Moskow “dedicated” and “smart,” and appreciates how they share their knowledge with his staff . “That’s why I took them in right away. I said, ‘You get all my acts, fuck everybody else.’” 


"Label Logic is the team I go to for world class A&R and marketing services. They are professionals with a great knowledge of our work and the changing music business."